Adopt a Coral

Give a small donation, have a coral planted in your name.  The village fisherfolk cooperative, Mina Bhakti Segara Lestari (MBSL), are experimenting with different structures - table type, turtle, metal versus string versus concrete - for growing corals. Scientists from the National University of Singapore are helping them design optimal coral growing structures. To raise funds for growing more coral, MBSL is accepting a US$28 donation from visiting volunteers and members of the public at large to adopt a coral. In return for this contribution, a coral is planted in the donor's name. It will send a report of the planting with the picture of the coral on the day it was planted and every 6 months thereafter so the donor can monitor the growth of the coral.



Corporations can sponsor an entire table type block to be constructed, lowered in the sea, and planted with corals. Groups can sponsor a concrete turtle. It is a great corporate social responsibility project that helps restore a degraded coastal environment back to health  while providing support to communities that depend on it.

For more information on how you can Adopt a Coral or sponsor a coral growing platform, contact us.