Cigarette butts and plastics The survey sets the Survey results were presented The consul general met Slowly but surely

Cigarette butts and plastics topped the number count of litter found in Les in the survey conducted by a team of Southern Cross University students headed by Prof. Steve Smith, Director of National Marine Science Centre. Of the 9 village areas covered, the beach has the most litter while the reef has the least. The survey protocol followed Australia's Litter Index modified for Bali.

The survey sets the baseline for assessing the impact of the planned introduction of the shrudder in Les next year courtesy of Plastic Collective and Louise Hardman

Survey results were presented to village leaders of Les and Ibu Helena Studdert, Australia's Consul General in Bali who traveled to Les for this occasion.

The consul general met with Jero Pasek and other representatives of the adat, BUMDES and the school heads of SD # 5 (primary school) and SMP Satap (high school). She also visited the waste management facility of the village which will house the shrudder.

Slowly but surely! :-)