We've come this The past 4 years In their visit to Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, Pak We are happy to Grateful and thankful to Matur Suksma

We've come this far!

The past 4 years, students from Bali Island School, formerly Bali International School (BIS) had been working and learning with the salt farmers of Les Village under their Education Outside the Classroom program with Sea Communities. Back in Sanur, the students created sea salt based products and sold them in their school fairs.

In their visit to Les this year, the students taught the salt farmers how to make "bath bombs" with sea salt. They also promised to send a 7 million rupiah donation to the salt farmers via Sea Communities as seed capital for sea salt based livelihood enterprise such as bath bombs, soap and the like. They also promised to help in marketing the products created by the salt farmers.

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, Pak Eka of Sea Communities turned over the 7 million rupiah cash from BIS to Pak Nyoman Madi, the head of the salt farmers group, in front of all group members.

We are happy to see a relationship nurtured over the years mature and bear fruit with promise of more fruits to come from the seed capital provided to the salt farmers.

Grateful and thankful to the salt farmers for their openness and willingness to teach and learn at the same time, BIS teachers and students for sharing so generously, and for the leaders of desa adat and dinas for supporting us in this endeavor.

Matur Suksma!