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Mengawali tahun 2019, Sea Banyak cerita lainnya, tunggu

Mengawali tahun 2019, Sea Communities telah banyak melakukan kegiatan, salah satunya adalah edukasi kepada siswa-siswi SDN 5 Les.

February 04, 2019 Posted by: admin

From our 2018 collection

From our 2018 collection of nudibranches photos in Les Village. :-)

December 20, 2018 Posted by: admin

Bala Qhova in Kcymaerxthaere Jeannine Gronowski mentoring Anten Les Village, Bali wishes

Bala Qhova in Kcymaerxthaere took years to learn how to domesticate water moles and start underwater communities.

December 09, 2018 Posted by: admin

Inimicus didactylus at 12m

Inimicus didactylus at 12m depth in Les Village. With pectoral fins these beautiful, better avoid calling it spiny devilfish. :-)

November 26, 2018 Posted by: admin