What we take for granted - our English - is a precious gift to the villagers of Les.

Many Les villagers don't speak much English. They cannot access better job opportunities in tourism, for which Bali is reknowned, and industries in export and trade. Most are practising subsistence farming and fishing. Money is scarce because jobs are scarce.

Teaching English at Les

You can make a difference! You will teach village children and adults wishing to learn English. When you teach salt farmers English, they can better sell their salt to higher end restaurants and spas in Bali. When you teach fishermen English, they can better qualify as dive guides. Currently Sea Communities is helping marketing the salt and training the diveguides but we want to empower the villagers to do this themselves.

You will teach English to primary and elementary kids who come voluntarily to the villa grounds to supplement their English education. In the evening,  you will have English conversation classes with high school kids and adult villagers. You are encouraged to introduce games and other fun activities that facilitate English learning.  These classes are handled with Kadek, a local of Les Village, who provide translation and support, making it easier for you to hold these classes. 

With visiting groups, we can organise formal lessons at the village schools as part of the school's timetable.

This capacity building is essential to the success of the community-based marine eco-tourism program being developed in Les Village.  The aim is within 2 to 3 years, those being trained can handle the facilitation of voluntourists and eco-tourists without need to import English-speaking facilitators. Building the capacity and confidence of villagers in speaking English is crucial in achieving this aim.

This is informal and not part of the school system. The emphasis is doing conversations and not grammar. If you can speak English, even imperfect one, you could share and teach!

Volunteer Teaching English at Les, Bali