Big big thank you Sample comments after: "Family "Plenty of room, water "Family very kind, above "My host family was "Very nice to us Many many thanks to And for the leaders

Big big thank you to Gombal Les Nyoman Suparnika and Gede Suparwan Debol and their families (and dogs!) for transforming their houses into homestays and hosting for over a week 13 students from Carroll University . Homestays expand beyond villas the lodging choices in Les Village for those who prefer an immersive cultural experience. It also allow ordinary homeowners to participate in the burgeoning ecotourism in Les Village.

Sample comments after:

"Family was extremely nice!! Very helpful, made me feel at home! I want to bring my family home!!!"

"Plenty of room, water, bathroom facilities"

"Family very kind, above and beyond"

"My host family was the best! They helped me adjust quickly to a new country. They took care of everything and made sure we had everything we needed. Also, they quickly solved any issues that had happened during my trip (such as getting rid of ant problem)."

"Very nice to us, LOVED the dogs as well"

Many many thanks to Kerry Leah Emily Morgan Kaeley Jessi Kelsey Kacie Jazmyn Hannah Shannon, Sam and Dan for helping us move forward in developing homestays in Les Village.

And for the leaders of Les Village, Pak Perbekel DE Zhilla Bronx and Pak Jero Pasek, for warmly welcoming all the students, matur suskma!