Getting ready for action Last Monday, we visited To understand how government Many thanks Pak Gede Thanks for coming to May this trip inspire

Getting ready for action with studi banding!

Last Monday, we visited Desa Wisata Penglipuran, Bali, acknowledged as Indonesia's cleanest village and one of the 3 cleanest village in the world. We are thankful to Pak Nengah Moneng who chairs the tourism committee of the adat for sharing how the village adat developed its tourism program and how they manage their waste.

To understand how government deals with waste, we detoured at TPA Regional Bangli an expansive and expensive top of the line (at least in this part of the world) sanitary landfill where all unrecyclable waste from Penglipuran (as well as all of Bangli, Gianyar and part of Karangasem) are buried. We then drove to the landfill in Bengkala, Kubutambahan where waste from Buleleng Regency are dumped.

Many thanks Pak Gede Yudarta and Jero Gede Buldog for providing free transport to adat members, teachers from SMK Penuktukan, Sea Communities staff and members of the village waste coordinating team we are forming.

Thanks for coming to this studi banding Pak Perbekel Gede Susila DE Sila, Don Raree, Gede Suparwan Gede Arsana Made Merta Andari Lestari Ni Luh Ngurah Arya Dauh and others I have not tagged.

May this trip inspire us to do better in Desa Les!