Melaspas (Cleansing Ceremony) and Great collaboration between Geographer Many thanks to Pak Grateful to Peter Kelly All photos taken by

Melaspas (Cleansing Ceremony) and launching of Kcymaerxthaere's Reflection and Furtive Underwater Installations, part of Life of Bala Qhova Story.

Great collaboration between Geographer-at-Large Eames Demetrios and Made Merta. Big thanks for all who worked on the project -- Pak Cik (another I Made Merta) Anten Wardana Ketut Meraga, Alit, Nyoman Sugiasa, Nengah Sridana, Nyoman Sutama, Gede Putrayasa, Gede Galih, and Nyoman Mertasa. Special thanks to Andari Lestari Ni Luh who helped in documentation and translation.

Many thanks to Pak Jero Mangku Anyar who led the ceremony, Pak Jero Pasek, Pak Perbekel Gede Susila, and Pak Kadus Nyoman Widiarta who attended the ceremony and provided encouragement and support for the project.

Grateful to Peter Kelly and Nonita Respati for their presence and support. You are much missed Anne K. Adijuwono but not forgotten as you were especially mentioned by Eames as Kcymaerxthaere's crucial link to Les Village during the round of remarks at Warung Tasik whose famed chef Gede Buldog personally prepared the after-ceremony refreshments.

All photos taken by Pavlo Zdorenko whose fantastic drone shots and videos of the event are much appreciated.