Our crowdfunding campaign is

Our crowdfunding campaign is ticking....tally so far $756! Thank you so much to the generous pledgors who will have their names written onto our underwater reefs. So what will that money do? $756 would almost buy our scientists' airfares for one year. It will make almost 8 miniature reefs underwater, each with 14 coral babies so that makes 112 corals. At 5 years old, 112 corals can cover a decent size living room. 4 x that, we have a basketball court. 4 x that, it makes up a substantial part of our village's sea front in Bali. See? You can make a difference! Now get out that credit card and click on the link below. And get the word out again to your friends.....the nature of crowdfunding is to blast and re-blast a good message: https://gofiee.com/project/detail/42