The plastic waste management

The plastic waste management system started in 2005 by SMP 3 in Desa Sibangkaja, Abiansemal is remarkable and worth replicating. Once a week, students bring plastic trash to the school. These are pooled, weighed and recorded by year and class level. The class with the most trash by weight at the end of the month wins a prize. Most of the trash are picked up a day after by the recycling program of DKP of Badung regency which pays the school an average 300,000 rupiah a month. Others are sold to middlemen who bring them to recycling plants in Java. Others are used for experimentation -- incorporated in concrete blocks for example. Ecobricks is the latest experiment. Their existing plastic trash collection system enabled them to produce ecobricks fast in so short a time. The village of Sibangkaja also have an integrated farm program that turns animal waste to biogas and fertilizer, river clean up and reforestation program, and soon, solar cells! In 2014, it won the Desa Sadar Lingkungan Contest in the province of Bali. I am in awe! Take a bow, Desa Sibangkaja!