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Cigarette butts and plastics The survey sets the Survey results were presented The consul general met Slowly but surely

Cigarette butts and plastics topped the number count of litter found in Les in the survey conducted by a team of Southern Cross University students

September 22, 2018 Posted by: admin

In celebration of Indonesia

In celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day and in support of Minister Susi's initiative, we will hold a beach clean up tomorrow, Sunday, Aug.

August 18, 2018 Posted by: admin

Shots of the day

Shots of the day from today's dive . An ornate ghost pipefish. Juvenile green chromis in large numbers. With Gombal Les and Vytis Paškevičius

August 11, 2018 Posted by: admin

Bringing self awareness into

Bringing self awareness into the learning process.

June 25, 2018 Posted by: admin