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Melaspas (Cleansing Ceremony) and Great collaboration between Geographer Many thanks to Pak Grateful to Peter Kelly All photos taken by

Melaspas (Cleansing Ceremony) and launching of Kcymaerxthaere's Reflection and Furtive Underwater Installations, part of Life of Bala Qhova Story.

November 05, 2017 Posted by: admin

Les village is in

Les village is in the safe zone from Mt Agung. There are a few thousand evacuees staying in temporary refuges.

September 30, 2017 Posted by: admin

Dear friends everywhere. Les

Dear friends everywhere. Les village is in the safe zone hosting a few thousand evacuees from the Mount Agung 12 km danger radius.

September 30, 2017 Posted by: admin

Thanks to Greer Bolomey

Thanks to Greer Bolomey and Pablo Bolomey, the creative forces behind C'est La Vie films

August 16, 2017 Posted by: admin

Open to everyone

Open to everyone. :-)

August 02, 2017 Posted by: admin

We are excited to

We are excited to welcome our magical STARR team to Sea Communities this Week.

July 26, 2017 Posted by: admin