Reef rehabilitation program

Our volunteer stays for the reef rehabilitation program are:

Our programs are sample programs and subject to change depending on weather, availability and (in the teaching program) to coincide with schooldays.

Here is a sample of the one week program for the reef rehabilitation program.

Day 1 
You will be picked up from your nominated point and arrive at Les Village after a picturesque drive 3 hours north through mountainous Kintamani. On arrival at Les, you will be given a welcome briefing and tour by the village elders, followed by dinner.

Day 2
You will have a classroom session on coral and coral transplantation.
PM In the first dive, you will collect the coral recruits from the underwater coral farm. Back to surface, you will glue the baby coral to a concrete plug. After it sets, you will do a second dive to plant the plug into an underwater coral structure. In your third dive for the day, we will do monitoring and maintenance of past coral plantings with the underwater fishermen being your mentor buddy.

Day 3
You will help the fishermen do coral “gardening”, ie., day-to-day mainteance of the underwater coral garden, checking for toppled coral, clearing algae and siltation, marine debris, observing pests and health threats.
PM An introduction to what garbage pollution does to coral and fish, and underwater marine debris collection.

Day 4
You will have a classroom session on to how Les Village’s sustainable netting and self-policing practices work. You will learn about the local fish, how to ID them.
PM In your first dive, try your hand in helping the fishermen net the ornamental fish, separating fingerlings from catchable sizes. Or you can try this free-diving, as the locals do! In your second dive, you will have a practice fish survey mentor-buddying with a fisherman.

Day 5
You will have a powerpoint fish ID test to test your ID skills.
PM You will conduct two underwater fish survey dives. Followed by data entry.

Day 6
No dive day. Visit Les Village’s Subak water management system and the famous waterfall.
Those not flying the next day can arrange an optional boat dive at divesites near les Village, or the famous USS Liberty at Tulamben.

Day 7
Departure and transfers. Optional side tours on the way back to Denpasar.