We ran an inaugural crowdfunding campaign with Gofiee, and with the help of generous donors, we managed to raise about IDR 60 million to fund STARR for the next 4 years. 

WIth thanks to the generous supporters that made this possible:

PSA International Pty Ltd, who generously contributed seed money that made the creation of Sea Communities possible, and followed up with a second pledge in support of the STARR study.

Joyce and Kew Kho, who believed in supporting our stewardship of God's assets on this earth and gave without asking for recognition.

Irene, David and Alex Kwee, family members of Elaine, who are the unflagging promoters of Sea Communities.

Maureen, Ryan and Reubens Rahim, who gave generously as the campaign's first supporters.

Keith, Karina and Alexis Cochrane, who were also amongst the first to press the pledge button, and get a turtle the size of Lexi!

Anthony and Helen Phoon, God bless you.

And each of the friends and annonymous supporters of our cause, who generously gave their money, Facebook shares and time to advise us:

Terrie Chin

Tim Chong

Sherri Hilario

Lauren Houghton

Ro Murray


Esther Ng

And finally, thanks to Lynette Foo, our Gofiee campaign manager, for your generous pledge and for making all this possible.