Volunteer teaching program


Come to Les Village and share a valuable skill you may be taking for granted: conversing in English.

Mentor the local guides we are training for our community-based ecotourism program and learn in turn about corals, ornamental fish, Balinese street food, Hindu temples, village morning market and waterfalls, and a lot more. Teach English to elementary kids in informal afternoon classes in coordination with a local community facilitator. Engage high school students and adults in English conversation.

You can do this under our one-week, two-week, three-week or one-month programs. Longer teaching programs can also be arranged. Download a sample one-week schedule here.

This capacity building is essential to the success of the community-based marine eco-tourism program being developed in Les Village. We aim to have the local villagers handle the facilitation of voluntourists and eco-tourists without need to import English-speaking facilitators. Building the capacity and confidence of villagers in speaking English is crucial in achieving this aim.

This program is informal. It is not part of the school system. The emphasis is doing conversations and not grammar. If you can speak English, even imperfect one, you could share and teach!